2nd AIAA Geometry and Mesh Generation Workshop
Sponsored by the Meshing, Visualization, and Computational Environments Technical Committee

January 5-6, 2019
at the AIAA SciTech Forum and Exposition
San Diego, California, USA

Organizing Committee

John Chawner
Pointwise, Inc.

John Dannenhoffer
Syracuse University

Mark Gammon

Carl Ollivier-Gooch
Univ. of British Columbia

Bill Jones
NASA Langley Research Center

James Masters
National Aerospace Solutions

Todd Michal
The Boeing Company

Nigel Taylor

Hugh Thornburg

Carolyn Woeber
Pointwise, Inc.


GMGW-2 Overview

GMGW-2 will consist of the following events.

Due Date

Participant's submissions for each case are due on 12 Nov 2018.


Each participant must submit an abstract for each case they will present at the workshop. A template for the abstract is provided below. Abstracts are due on 12 Nov 2018 and should be emailed to meshingworkshop@gmail.com.

Intent to Participate

Help us plan for GMGW-2 by clicking this link to send an email to meshingworkshop@gmail.com. This will add you to our workshop email list to which we will send news and updates.

By using the email link above, you can indicate which of GMGW-2's five events you plan to attend.

Register with AIAA

IMPORTANT: Your intent to participate above only adds you to the GMGW-2 email list. It does NOT register you for the workshop. Workshop registration and payment is handled by AIAA through their SciTech website (scitech.aiaa.org/Register). YOU MUST REGISTER WITH AIAA.

Notice to Participants Regarding Open Publication

All mesh files, geometry files, and presentations from this workshop will be made publicly available after the workshop ends. We encourage open publication for the purpose of sharing results and inspiring participation in future workshops. Without open publication, the value of this series of workshops is greatly diminished.

If you require that your materials not be made publicly available, notify us in writing when you submit your presentation or at any time by emailing meshingworkshop@gmail.com.


  • Sat 05 Jan, all day - Participant and Committee Presentations
  • Sun 06 Jan, morning - Participant and Committee Presentations
  • Sun 06 Jan, afternoon - Special Presentation & Mini-Symposium

IMPORTANT: You are not required to register (and pay) with AIAA if you will only attend the mini-symposium. However, for our planning purposes it would be very helpful if you indicated this via the Intent to Participate form (see link above).

Mesh Resolution and Size

With respect to mesh resolution as defined by cell count, GMGW-2 will use a quantified terminology instead of the traditional qualitative terminology (e.g. coarse, medium, fine) that was designed to get us to 2030 resolution levels without the invention of extravagant superlatives (e.g. super extra fine). The details are explained in Mesh Size Naming Conventions for GMGWx in the Resources section of this website.

GMGW-2 will use the 2018 definitions of mesh resolution as summarized below.

Order Description Num. Cells (billions)
8.0 Coarse 0.100
8.5 Medium 0.316
9.0 Fine 1.000
9.5 Extra Fine 3.160
10.0 Super Fine 10.000
10.5 Hero 31.600

Promotional Flyer

Download this 1-page PDF informational flyer and share it with your CFD colleagues to help promote GMGW-2.