Mesh Effects for CFD Solutions
Sponsored by the Meshing, Visualization, and Computational Environments Technical Committee

15-19 June 2020
at the AIAA Aviation Forum and Exposition
Reno, Nevada, USA

MVCE Working Group

Adam Clark
The Boeing Company

John Dannenhoffer
Syracuse University

Mark Gammon

Bill Jones
NASA Langley Research Center

James Masters
National Aerospace Solutions

Todd Michal
The Boeing Company

Carl Ollivier-Gooch
Univ. of British Columbia

Felix Rodrigo

Nigel Taylor

Hugh Thornburg

Carolyn Woeber

Mesh Effects for CFD Solutions: Overview

The AIAA Meshing, Visualization, and Computational Environments Technical Committee invites abstract submittals for a special session on Mesh Effects for CFD Solutions. The goal of this special session is to quantify how changes in the mesh affect solution accuracy and convergence for a CFD flow solver. Presentations from these special sessions will be used to update the gridding guidelines for future AIAA CFD workshops.

These special sessions will build upon the mini-symposium held at 2019's GMGW-2: Mesh Effects on CFD Flow Solutions.

All papers in these sessions will describe simulations on systematically varied meshes of a 2-D multi-element airfoil from the NASA High Lift CRM.

Not a Workshop - Submit Your Abstract to AIAA

Mesh Effects for CFD Solutions is not a workshop in the style of GMGW-1 and GMGW-2 for which special registration was required. Instead, it will consist of special sessions during the AIAA Aviation conference.

The normal AIAA process for submitting an abstract, review, acceptance, submission of a full manuscript, and presentation at the conference applies. For more details, see the AIAA Aviation 2020 Call for Papers.

Details Coming Soon

All details for the required simulations will be posted here soon including the geometry model, turbulence models, and requested presentation data.