2nd AIAA Geometry and Mesh Generation Workshop
Sponsored by the Meshing, Visualization, and Computational Environments Technical Committee

January 5-6, 2019
at the AIAA SciTech Forum and Exposition
San Diego, California, USA

Organizing Committee

John Chawner
Pointwise, Inc.

John Dannenhoffer
Syracuse University

Mark Gammon

Carl Ollivier-Gooch
Univ. of British Columbia

Bill Jones
NASA Langley Research Center

James Masters
National Aerospace Solutions

Todd Michal
The Boeing Company

Nigel Taylor

Hugh Thornburg

Carolyn Woeber
Pointwise, Inc.


The NASA HL-CRM Wind Tunnel Model – A Geometry-Handling Perspective

by Taylor, N.J. & Gammon, M.

A wind tunnel model of the NASA High-Lift Common Research Model (HL-CRM) has been designed to provide experimental data for 4th AIAA High-Lift Prediction Workshop. This presentation will review the salient aspects of the geometry model used to define this wind tunnel test hardware from the viewpoint of its use for mesh generation and CFD. Building on the material provided in previous presentations on the NASA CRM and HL-CRM geometry models that were designed specifically for numerical simulation, this presentation will focus on identifying any additional aspects that may have been introduced as a consequence of the requirements to have the model manufactured.