AIAA Geometry and Mesh Generation Workshops
Sponsored by the Meshing, Visualization, and Computational Environments Technical Committee


Mesh Size Naming Conventions

During preparation for GMWG-2, it became clear that the mesh size and resolution terminology used by CFD workshops (e.g. coarse, medium, fine) was insufficient. The notion of a medium mesh will change over time as we approach the CFD Vision 2030 Study's of 1012 cells being routine. Rather than invent new superlative names (e.g. super extra fine) we propose a naming convention that accounts for mesh size growth.

HL-CRM Geometry

Details of the High Lift Common Research Model (HL-CRM) Revision 2 geometry model to be used for GMGW-2 are available on the HL-CRM webpage of this website.

2016 Survey

During 2016, the MVCE technical committee surveyed the CFD community for their views on the current state of geometry modeling and mesh generation. The results of that survey are available below.